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Up until this year I had not participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I first heard about it in 2017. I would take that as meaning I wasn’t truly a writer until 2017. Some may beg to differ with … Continue reading

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Collective Meditation (a writing group prompt)

Meditation, not my strong suit, is the ship sailing through the fog of my life that I find myself drawn to now and again. I have a guttural need to quiet my soul, yet my mind repeatedly gets in the … Continue reading

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Recently, I was asked to substitute teach an after school program, Word Magic, for one session. Of course I said, yes! I love to write. I love to teach. And I enjoy being with children. No sooner had I said … Continue reading

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Quest For Love (excerpt 1)

His gaze pulled her from across the crowded room. The constant hum of conversation growing louder as the guests consumed more wine. Their voices blended together in a symphony of highs and lows mixed with laughter. She tried to focus … Continue reading

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(Re) Defining Family

I remember when my daughter was in the¬†sixth grade almost as though it were yesterday. That year was monumental in so many ways for her, for me and for our family going forward. I’d like to think it had a … Continue reading

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Live Out Loud

My post yesterday has been running through¬†my head. I am in the process of writing a memoir. Part of that process is reading other people’s memoirs and articles about memoirs. One interesting point that has stuck out to me in … Continue reading

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Thought Recording Devices. Squirrel.

If only I had a recording device in my brain. I suppose one could argue the point that is exactly what a memory is for. I would then need to admit that my memory fails me time and time again. … Continue reading

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