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I am a mom of two married to a wonderful man. I am the Owner, Designated Broker of the Reddy Real Estate Team (real esate firm) in Seattle, WA. I enjoy writing, walking, cooking, entertaining, hosting parties and spending time with friends and family. Things I hope to one day accomplish are: take a missions trip to Kenya, open a Bed & Breakfast in my home, publish a book or two, run a 5K and play on a soccer team. My life is full and I am happiest when I am with my family, going to church & worshipping God, watching soccer and enjoying the simple things in life.

A Sticker Back in Time

No sooner had I lay the sticker on the window sill and I was back in my grandmother’s kitchen. Her kitchen window that looked out upon the back yard amidst the crowded view brought on by vases of dandelions, wishing weeds, and other … Continue reading

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Do as I Do, Not as I Say

How often do we give an instruction to a child, our child or someone else’s child that we have influence over, that in actuality we do not follow ourselves? I was raised by two Christian parents. Married for over 35 … Continue reading

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My Favorite Place

Quite honestly I think I am still searching for my absolute favorite place. I enjoy elements of several different places that I think I would find myself saying, “Oh, this is my favorite place!” A hike through the woods to … Continue reading

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When Your Own Mountain Crumbles

Reminder of God’s Faithfulness   Most of you know I am far from perfect. Not even close. You also know that I love the Lord my God and truly have believed He had good for me through my entire cancer … Continue reading

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Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

As I near the end of my treatment I find myself looking forward to a time of healing. I envision time writing, time with my cancer survivors writing group (oh how thankful I am that I found you), time with … Continue reading

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Truth Be Told

I find it difficult to write fiction. I want to. I really do. I have a few children’s stories started. Only one of them is complete but then I started it at least 16 years ago. If all of my … Continue reading

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Oh SPit!

Last year was the year of all years in many ways. It held a lot of firsts, a lot of change, a bit of pain (okay likely more than a bit) and yet it was full of peace and love … Continue reading

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