Content to be

tick tock tick tock
chirp chirp chirp
hummm whirrr

I close my eyes and cannot see the sounds that stir around me
Each one having its own rhythm
Its own purpose
However simple or complex it may be

Is it one bird or is two?
Do they know what they are saying?
If one calls out to the other
Will the other call back or fly away?

The clock ticks away the seconds, minutes and hours of the day
At times it seems to go faster and other times it fades away
An hour becomes a day, the day becomes a month
Will it ever slow so that I may simply be?

The refrigerator hums, the computer whirs
I do believe the phone is ringing
Was that a knock at the door?
Or was it the neighbors car door banging?

My eyes yet closed as I sit and listen
to all the sounds that surround me
I refuse to count the moments 
content to be still as they pass


About KristiLyn

I am a mom of two, married to a wonderful man. I am a writer, blogger, and the Owner, Designated Broker of the Reddy Real Estate Team (real esate firm) in Seattle, WA. I enjoy writing, walking, cooking, entertaining, hosting parties and spending time with friends and family. I have ran a 5k, 9k, and 10k.....will run a 12k in April 2018. My life is full and I am happiest when I am with my family, going to church & worshiping God, watching soccer and enjoying the simple things in life.
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